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Robert A. Bernheimer, APLC provides a wide variety of negotiation, legal and litigation services in areas including development, land use and entitlements, real estate, construction, private and public works, environmental protection, renewable energy, cannabis and other business and corporate matters. He has successfully represented clients in the acquisition, financing, entitlement, development, building and expansion of residential subdivisions (both market rate & affordable), master-planned communities, commercial and industrial buildings, mixed use projects, shopping centers, hotels, golf courses and resorts, apartments, condominiums, fractional ownership projects, cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, testing and distribution facilities, and renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and conversion technologies.

Bernheimer's extensive knowledge of local, state and federal laws affecting urban planning and land use includes a comprehensive understanding of the California Environmental Protection Act (CEQA), which governs the environmental review of public policy and development projects. He offers advice in all areas of environmental assessments.

Bernheimer is exceptionally skilled at taking clients through the Master Planning process strategically by not only preparing projects for environmental study and government approval, but also by anticipating potential opposition and advancing related mitigation measures. He also offers supervision of Environmental Impact Reports and effective preparation of government applications and contracts, including development agreements, annexation proposals and other matters drafted between public agencies and private parties.

Whether the need is finding solutions to practical business matters or developing complex corporate, political or legal strategies, Bernheimer has the knowledge, experience and instinct necessary to help you achieve your objectives.